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Iranian Women’s Association web site tries to tell the intellectual demands of women, also called Hayznan Mmvly.hm “Znandr text of” say, the “Women on the sidelines” .hm of “Women” tells the “Women in shadow.” .

This paper also reports the analytical content on women and trying to be a platform to reflect the activities of small and large women.

These inequalities have priority effort in the last few years is embodied in the Campaign.arton6198

We also reflect the activities of the Campaign, with his signature collection in the direction of the movement are civil and egalitarian participation.

We believe that women have often been neglected Drshhrhayy except capital, try the local Nshryhman to reflect the activities of women in Iran, especially in remote areas of the country. We have access to the news of the activities of women across the voluntary cooperation of a number of NGOs to assist women in different cities of the time.

We are completely voluntary, and we do not receive any funding from local and foreign institutions.

The method of this Site, the maximum content and all those interested can send their works in the field of women to address Alktrvnykyma.


Association of Iranian Women Writers and Journalists online publication

Aretha Frank F. absent, Bani Yaghoub song, L. Shbanychvbh, A. tomato,

Sonia Madadi Pouyeh ,, Yes, magic Afazeli, Solmaz Aygdr, N. Joudaki, Mehrzad Rich-Poor

Z. Amini, Laila accuracy, Sara Karimi

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